Outdoor Characters

Oakville Home and Leisure knows that your outdoor living space is all about having a good time with your friends and family. The office is left far behind you and your outdoors are for relaxing and having a laugh as often as possible. You can select from some of our amusing character displays that add personal style to your spaces.

Types of statues include:

  • Miniature sized shark and parrot waiters
  • Larger sized dog, shark, parrot, bear and gator waiters with useable trays
  • Bear planters of various sizes for your plants and flowers


All of these statues are of animals that could be intimidating if they were met in the wild at the wrong time! Rest assured, there are no party poopers here, every single one of them is a friendly and affable little creature sure to brighten your day. You don’t want to invite a mean shark to the pool party, and we certainly agree!


These characters are made of a durable resin. This hard compound is tough and durable, making it perfect for a playful outdoor area where things may get a little crazy! The nature of resin makes it easy to mold with intricate and detailed textures being easy to create.

Durable paint

If you’re displaying them outside on your poolside bar in the sun you’ll want them to resist the damaging effects of the sun. These characters are protected by a tough UV paint an UV lacquer. Don’t worry, they brought their own sunscreen!

When winter comes

Not only are they great next to the pool or on the patio, but they also fit in easily in your game room! Who wouldn’t want a friendly little dog statue holding their drink for them during their next turn at the pool table? It is a little bit silly, but also pretty useful!

Browse the product descriptions above to find the fun character statue that is right for you, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today and we’ll be glad to help you!