Dart Cabinets

Darts are a great game that take up a small amount of real estate in your game room while still providing hours of fun. A dart cabinet is a great investment in protecting the walls of your home if you choose to play darts. Let us face facts here – not all of your friends and family are dart experts!

As part of your room decor

You can also incorporate your dart cabinet into the overall design of your room decor. Most feature some sort of design on the exterior of the doors, examples include:

  • A bullseye or striker logo design featuring a dartboard and darts
  • Beer mug designs
  • Billiard designs
  • A classy Playboy bunny logo
  • NHL team logos so you can add some Canadian content

Whatever your choice, these dart cabinets can work as both decoration and as functional cabinets that protect your walls from other guests (not your own, of course) errant throws. The logos and designs on them show when they are closed. This is how a ‘Billiards’ design can work: when you’ve put darts away and are focused on a game of pool you can display that proudly. When you’ve put all the games away and are focused on beer, well there is a design for that too.


The size typically ranges around 30 inches wide, 40 inches tall and with a depth of 4 inches. The usual weight is around 30 pounds. These dimensions make mounting easy as the weight is manageable and the thin width makes them easy to handle.


All of these cabinets are made of wood which is hand carved by skilled artisans who take pride in their finished products. The carved cabinets are then all hand painted, giving them an authentic look reminiscent of the pool halls and bars of old. This is no cookie cutter product turned out by the thousands on an assembly line with unnoticed imperfections and blemishes. Each one is handled with care and attention by those who make it.

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