Bubble Hockey

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When you can’t be outside on the ice, or if you’re just not a good skater, bubble hockey can be the game you play indoors to replace being outside playing regular hockey. There is no sport as distinctly Canadian as hockey, if you want to bring the sport you love into your game room try out a bubble hockey rink. For a truly authentic hockey night in Canada, you and your friends can sing Canada’s second national anthem yourselves!

Set up

Bubble hockey is a game played on a board that is the shape of a hockey rink. It is roughly the size of a coffee table and stands at waist height. Over the top of the rink is a ‘bubble’ that keeps all the exciting action down on the rink. The players on the rink look like real hockey players with sticks, hockey sweaters and skates. Missing teeth not included!

How to play

You play the game by controlling the players on the ‘rink’ with rods that are attached to them. You can slide the players up and down the rink just like real hockey players. You have a goalie that stays in his crease, defenders that stay back in the defensive zone and forwards that move towards the opposing goaltender to score goals. The puck can be passed back and forth between players and shot at the net when you have the right scoring opportunity. It is like real hockey, but without the bodychecks.


There are 5 models for you to choose from. All are excellent quality games ready for hours of hard play by you and your friends:

  • Signature Stick Hockey Blue
  • Signature Stick Hockey Red


Each model has its own particular characteristics. Note that not all models offered contain these features but top of the line units will:

  • Automatic puck ejector for face-offs at ‘center-ice.’
  • Sound effects buttons that allow you to play arena sounds and organ music for your victory dance
  • 2:1 turning ratios on the gearbox which allows for quick responses. What it means is that a 180 degree turn of the handle results in a 360 degree turn of the player
  • Minimal friction materials for smooth playing rods
  • A gear box clutch system that reduces the likelihood of player to player contact that results in breakage
  • Infrared scoring sensors that ensure accurate and reliable tracking of goals scored. For that last touch of authenticity it will even sound the horn when a goal is buried in the back of the net

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