What to Do if Your Hot Tub Freezes

woman in hot tub during winter

For many, one of the best parts of owning a hot tub is jumping into it when the weather is coldest. However, keeping your hot tub open during the winter, especially in our climate, always comes with the risk that it might freeze over. There are things you can do to protect your hot tub, but what if it’s too late? Here’s what to do if your hot tub freezes over.

What to Do if Your Hot Tub Freezes

Once you notice that your hot tub is collecting ice on the top, take action! The more it freezes, the more potential for damage. Here’s what you can do:

  • Turn off the power: Freezing parts combined with electricity is a recipe for disaster. Turn off the hot tub and the circuit breaker that runs to the hot tub so that there is no chance it will turn back on before you’re done.
  • Space heaters: Position space heaters near the outside of the hot tub, to help melt any ice in the internal components.
  • Remove the ice: If there is ice floating on the top of the hot tub that can be removed, remove it. If it’s frozen too solid or it’s too heavy, break a hole in the center of it.
  • Add boiling water: Boil multiple cups of water on the stove and pour them into the hot tub. Be careful not to overflow it, by taking out the water once it’s colder. The hot water should melt the ice, but it will refreeze if you leave it.
  • Use a wet vacuum: The most effective way to remove large volumes of water from the hot tub is with a wet vacuum. Don’t just use your home’s vacuum, as it is not made for liquid. You can usually rent a wet vacuum from your local hardware store.
  • Empty the tub: Keep adding boiling water and removing melted ice until the tub is empty.
  • Hair dryer: If there is still ice in the pipes, use a hair dryer to melt it out.

If you are experiencing issues with your hot tub, do not wait it out! Contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today so we can get your hot tub running again.

snow covered hot tub with heat shield

Keep Hot Tub from Freezing

How do you prevent this potential disaster from happening again? There are a few ways to keep your hot tub from freezing, but the best is to have a hot tub that is well-insulated and resistant to the cold, with a quality heat shield on top. Oakville Home Leisure has quality heat shields that you can add to your existing hot tub, and options that will ensure you have everything you need.

You can also drain and winterize your hot tub before the cold weather arrives, but you won’t be able to use it then, which, for many people, is half the fun. To get other tips to prevent your hot tub from freezing over this winter, please contact us today.