New Beachcomber Hot Tub Trends

hot tub woman

We’re well into a new year of changes but one thing remains the same – no matter how crazy the weather and schedules get, it’s always beneficial to relax in a hot tub! Since your enjoyment factor hasn’t changed, maybe it’s time to think about adding a hot tub to your life in 2019. Consider the new Beachcomber hot tub trends before deciding what to buy.

Trend #1: Customization

We understand the value of making your own decisions. You have unique needs and tastes, which is why customization is one of the major trends Beachcomber hot tubs is working towards in 2019.

Instead of being restricted to a few pre-determined options, customers have the opportunity to choose both the shell and cabinet colours of their hot tub so that it reflects their style and fits in their backyard well. Try out our colour selector feature when looking at any of the Beachcomber hot tubs to view the wide variety of different colours and options.

Trend #2: Energy Efficient

Eco-construction is a hot trend for 2019, designed to both save energy and save you money. We recognize the importance of having a hot tub that not only looks exceptional but is also environmentally friendly. Beachcomber hot tubs are among the most energy efficient hot tubs available, using up to 33% less energy than other brands and providing protection throughout with features such as the Heatshield Cover and Enviroskirt Cabinet to maintain its efficiency over the years.

Trend #3: Shop Local

Last but simply not least, buying local is a big trend for 2019. Hot tubs are no exception. Shop locally with us in order to get everything from one source and be guaranteed a price match on any Beachcomber products across all of Ontario! Supporting a local business gets you what you need while supporting your local economy.

Beachcomber offers affordable, easy to install and operate hot tubs. Spending time in these hot tubs can relieve muscle tension, help you unwind, ease symptoms of chronic health issues and increase white blood cells which can help to battle those pesky colds. Remember, by using our colour picker feature, you can envision exactly what the hot tub will look like in your back yard!

Contact us today for more information about our Beachcomber hot tub options.