The Guaranteed Best Price on Any Beachcomber Hot Tub in Ontario Is At Oakville Home Leisure

Oakville Home Leisure is a proud retailer of Beachcomber Hot Tubs. We firmly believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of hot tub ownership. Hot tubs:

  • Alleviate minor aches and pains
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Help you relax and unwind after a long, tiring day
  • Give you a place to spend time and enjoy the company of family and friends

That’s why Oakville Home Leisure guarantees the best price on Beachcomber Hot Tubs in Ontario. If you find a better price on a Beachcomber anywhere else, we’ll beat it.

Maintenance and guidance – We’ll Show You The Way

If you pick up a Beachcomber Hot Tub from an outlet retailer or club membership store, can you be certain they know everything about it, inside and out?

For example:

  • Do they know what all the Beachcomber Hot Tub error codes mean?
  • Are they able to repair a faulty pump?
  • Can they recommend accessories to help you get more from your investment?
  • Will they provide replacement owner’s guides if you accidentally misplace yours?

And perhaps most importantly, do they offer hot tub maintenance to keep your hot tub in perfect working order, all year long?

Chances are they don’t. But at Oakville Home Leisure we do more than just sell hot tubs. We offer the service, maintenance and support that make hot tub ownership so enjoyable.

At Oakville Home Leisure, we want you to maximize your hot tub experience.

From necessary water care products like filters and cleaners to protective items like covers and steps, we give you access to the important extras you need and want.

Water testing; a Free Service for all our Customers

A few days after your hot tub is installed, it’s recommended that you test the water to ensure it’s properly balanced.

At Oakville Home Leisure, all you have to do is bring a water sample to our showroom. We’ll test it for you and provide complimentary advice on your:

  • Chlorine level
  • Bromine level
  • pH level
  • Total alkalinity

Afterwards, pick up a water testing kit to keep a close eye on the cleanliness and chemistry of your hot tub water yourself at home anytime you want.

But whenever you bring water into our showroom for testing, that’s on us. Plus, we’ll give you expert hot tub advice to help you get more from your investment.

Guaranteed protection with Oakville Home Leisure

The trouble with discount or outlet hot tub retailers is sometimes, you never know when they’ll skip town.

Many times, they temporarily rent a space, sell whatever inventory they can, and then move on. That’s bad news for you in case something goes wrong with your hot tub.

It’s hard to use a protection guarantee when you can’t locate who sold you the hot tub in the first place.

Oakville Home Leisure has been in business since 1988, and we aren’t going anywhere! You’ll get our guarantee along with the Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ guarantee; two guarantees which give you total peace of mind for your investment:

Worldwide Guarantee

  • Structural integrity for life
  • 5 year acrylic surface guarantee
  • 100% component guarantee
  • 100% exchange guarantee
  • 100% owner transfer option

Worldwide PREMIUM Guarantee

  • Structural integrity for life
  • 5 year acrylic surface guarantee
  • 100% component guarantee
  • 5 year smart sense heater guarantee
  • 5 year no-leak plumbing guarantee
  • 5 year Enviroskirt™ cabinetry guarantee

At Oakville Home Leisure, there’s no hassle, confusion, or stress when it comes to your hot tub.

Lowest price, best value

From Kenora in the northwest to Ottawa in the east, if you find a lower price on a Beachcomber Hot Tub, just show us and we’ll beat it.

And when you combine that with everything else Oakville Home Leisure has to offer, it’s clear where you should go for your new hot tub. Contact us today!