Pool Supplies for Solving Common Pool Problems Quickly and Effectively

Pool problems cloudy watter
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Finding the right pool supplies to solve your pool problems is the key to being able to quickly and effectively get your pool back in shape so that you may enjoy it. There are many pool supplies that can help, but which are best for your specific pool problems? We’ll look at a few common water problems and make our suggestions, followed by a chart for easy reference.

Pool problems tip 1: Cloudy water

Cloudy water is one of the more common pool problems. The first step, as always is to test your pool water for combined chloride, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. The suggested levels for each of these are:

  1. Chlorine – 1 to 3 ppm
  2. pH – 7.2 to 7.6
  3. Alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm
  4. Calcium hardness – 200 to 350 ppm

You’ll want to alter the levels to be in this range, then wait 12 to 24 hours for the pool supplies to do their job before retesting. If your water is still cloudy after this time you need to backwash or clean your pool’s filter as excess debris is the culprit. Then give it 24 to 48 hours to filter properly.

For real problem water add a water sanitizer. This should get your water clear if all else fails!

green water
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Pool problems tip 2: Green water

This is usually caused by low chlorine levels, typically when they get below 1 ppm. This is the level at which algae begins to grow. We’ll look at how to clear this pool problem step by step, with the pool supplies you need listed as well:

  1. As always, test your water. Pay close attention to your chlorine.
  2. Scrub all sides of the pool. Algae clings to the sides, get it off and in the water before adding chemicals.
  3. Use your algaecide as directed. Be sure you’re using pool supplies that are meant for killing, not preventing, algae.
  4. Wait 24 hours for the algaecide to work.
  5. Add chlorine shock while running your pool filter.
  6. Clean your filter regularly to prevent pressure build up. The dead algae will collect in your filter or on the pool floor.
  7. Vacuum the algae off the pool floor.

Your pool water should now be clear. Give the water one more test and enjoy!

Pool problems tip 3: Foamy water

If your pool is starting to look like your last bubble bath, that’s a problem. The most common reason for pool problems relating to foam is the use of cheap pool supplies, most commonly it is your algaecide at fault. Low quality manufacturers have always had a problem with their algaecides foaming up.

The easy solution is to use pool supplies known as Antifoam agents to first clear it all up. The next step is to get a high quality algaecide for your next battle with algae growth.

Quick reference table for common pool problems

Pool Problem

Solutions and Pool Supplies to use

Cloudy water

Test the water, adjust levels of chemicals. Wait 24 hours. Backwash if needed, if still cloudy add a water sanitizer.

Green water

Test chlorine levels. Scrub pool to remove algae. Add algaecide, vacuum pool floor.

Foamy water

Use Antifoam agent, purchase a high quality algaecide for future use.

These are 3 of the most common pool problems that we hear about at Oakville Home Leisure. For any help with these, or any other pool problems you may be having, we invite you to come into our store or call to speak with our staff. We’ll find the pool supplies that will clear up your water, and we’ll direct you on their use.