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Written by / March 1, 2022 / Posted in Patio Furniture

How to Style Your Patio: 3 Of Our Favourite Styles

There is joy in sitting in a patio space that has a consistent, specific style. When you choose a patio style, often around a culture’s aesthetic, you can feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new landscape. All you need is a few elements from the style to make it all come together. Express your appreciation for any of these cultures’ aesthetics with these tips on how to create a styled patio space. 

1. Japanese Patio Ideas 

Are you looking to enjoy the elegance of a Japanese-styled outdoor space? This distinct style can lend your yard tranquility. Here are some ideas you can use to add some Japanese flair: 

  • Japanese maples: Add a Japanese maple next to your patio space to add elegance. 
  • Bonsai: Adorn your patio table with tiny bonsai trees, but make sure you know whether they need to come inside for the winter. 
  • Peaked roofs: If you are adding any kind of shelter to your yard, like a gazebo, you can lean into the Japanese style with a roof that curves up on the edges and includes tiled roofing. 
  • Rock gardens: Adding an Asian-inspired rock garden will fit with your theme and it can also lower the maintenance your yard needs. 

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2. Italian Patio Ideas 

Italian and other Mediterranean styles are excellent options for patios. They feel warm, lush, and distinctly European. Here are some ideas you can use to add this flair to your patio space: 

  • Warm stones: Tuscan and other similar styles are defined by natural stones in warm tones that look like you could bask in the sun directly on them. 
  • Fountains: Italy has a large number of beautiful fountains. Look for those with multiple layers and with classic, European flourishes. 
  • Metals: Italian-inspired outdoor furniture often has sweeping iron elements that create that laid-back luxury look. Add plump pillows in warm neutrals with tassels and you’re off to a great start. 
  • Ivy: Allow ivy or another climbing plant to grow up any brick you have to create a sheltered look. 

3. Coastal Patio Ideas 

Coastal isn’t a country, but it is an aesthetic common on the East and West coast. Think ocean-inspired elements, sand, and blue and you have some idea of the coastal style. Here are some more options: 

  • White and blue: Traditionally, the colour palette for coastal spaces is a great deal of white with pops of blue, especially in stripes. 
  • Washed wood: Wood that is unsaturated and looks washed-out is a perfect fit for coastal environments. 
  • Decorative driftwood: Place it on a table, under a glass table, or in the garden to add an ocean feel. 
  • Anchors and starfish: These two elements are common in coastal spaces and add character. 

Are you ready to change your patio space to a consistent theme? We have patio furniture and other outdoor accessories and features you can use to do it. Look through our offerings online or reach out to us to talk patio styles. 

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