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Written by / August 9, 2022 / Posted in Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Life Expectancy: When Should You Replace It?

Hot tub's life expectancy, when should you replace

If you just bought a new hot tub, you may wonder how long you will have it for. Or, you might already have an old hot tub and be on the fence about whether or not you should replace it. Either way, you need to know hot tub life expectancy and the signs that your hot tub is done. We’ll explain below. 

What is Hot Tub Life Expectancy? 

Hot tubs have a large range of life expectancy, from five to twenty years. Both the manufacturing decisions and quality of the tub, as well as the way that you treat the tub, determine how long it will last. 

In general, you can expect a cheap hot tub to last five years even if well cared for, a mid-range tub to last ten years, and the highest quality hot tubs to last twenty years. The length of the warranty offered by the manufacturer can give you a sense of how long they expect the tub to last. 

That said, you may not get the full lifespan out of your tub if you do not treat it properly. 

How to Extend Hot Tub Lifespan 

Hot tubs are big investments, so taking meticulous care of them is important. Here is a basic outline of how you should care for your hot tub to ensure it functions well for as long as possible: 

  • Cleaning: The hot tub should be fully emptied occasionally. When you do this, clean its parts 
  • Maintenance: The pump, heater, and other major parts of the hot tub need regular maintenance. Provide that maintenance to avoid repairs 
  • Shell care: The shell of the hot tub should also be cleaned, and cracks should be professionally filled 
  • Chemical balance: Poor water quality or too much chemical can damage parts of the hot tub, particularly the plastic parts. Keep the chemicals at proper levels as much as possible 
  • Avoid moving: Moving can wear on the hot tub and weaken it. When possible, place it somewhere permanent 
  • Winterize: Do not let outdoor hot tubs freeze with water in them; it can damage all of their parts. Properly winterize your hot tub well before freezing temperatures arrive in fall 

Need more help with your hot tub care? Reach out to our team today to get the professional guidance you require.

When Should You Replace Your Hot Tub? 

You should replace your hot tub when it:          

  • Requires frequent repairs of major components such as the heater or pump 
  • Requires expensive repairs and is past its warranty 
  • Is discoloured, stained, or unattractive in some way 
  • Has cracks that you would prefer not to patch or is likely to continue cracking 
  • Is unsafe in any way 

Of course, many people also choose to replace their hot tub simply when they need to upgrade their model or make room for more people. 

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