Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

Using your hot tub isn’t just an enjoyable way to relax. Using your hot tub may be hydrotherapy (also called water therapy). It is a therapy that may provide pain relief or treatment for certain conditions or aches and pains. We’ll explain the benefits of hot tub therapy you might receive when you take a dip below. 

Hot Tub Benefits for Pain 

Hot tub benefits for back pain and other types of pain are clear. Health care professionals often recommend a warm water compress when you have sore muscles as the warm water helps soothe and relax muscles. However, it can be hard to apply warm water to your back. Plus, you may need to go stand up and heat the cloth or pad back up. If you’re pained in multiple areas, it may be more efficient to just slip into the hot tub. 

There are also benefits of hot tubs for arthritis and other chronic pain conditions, as opposed to general aches and pains. While some types of nerve pain might be best suited to cold hydrotherapy, warm hydrotherapy may help with arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic joint pain, according to WebMD. 

Hot Tub Health Benefits Weight Loss   

Dieting and exercise changes are the main way you should pursue weight loss. However, taking a dip in the hot tub may support your efforts. Research indicates that bathing in hot tubs helps diabetics lower their blood sugar levels. One study found that those who use hot tubs lost an average of 3.5 pounds, without a new diet or exercise changes. 

Some people also find that they can motivate themselves to exercise with the promise of a hot tub, especially if they previously motivated themselves with food or “cheat days.”   

Other Health Benefits 

There are other benefits of indulging yourself in some hot tub time. According to Live Well Rehab, hydrotherapy can boost your immune system, stimulate blood supply to your organs, reduce symptoms of digestive problems, increase your metabolism and more. 

There’s also something to be said about the potential mental health benefits of using your hot tub. Everyone needs to take time to relax, clear their mind and do away with stress. If you find you’re struggling to find that time, a hot tub might be enough to help you develop better habits. After all, you can’t bring your laptop in the tub. 

Get Started Soaking In Your Hot Tub 

There are health benefits to enjoying a hot tub, but even if you don’t need the health boost, you’ll love relaxing in your hot tub. 

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