Differences in Quality of Patio Furniture

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The difference in quality of your patio furniture can change your outdoor living experience. High quality pieces give you a great patio experience year after year, while low-quality pieces will disappoint you from year one and may not last longer than that.

Here are a few ways that choosing the high-quality patio furniture at Oakville Home Leisure will benefit your backyard experience.

Why the Quality of Patio Furniture is Important


It’s no surprise that higher quality materials are made to last longer than quickly manufactured, cheap pieces. Consider teak, for example. Real teak is the strongest hardwood and will last in your yard for years. Teak patio furniture is a better investment than furniture from other woods.


Patio furniture has to deal with high heat and cold weather, especially if you tend to leave it out for a few extra weeks in spring or fall (or out all year round). High-quality furniture is designed with this temperature range in mind and won’t warp after bad weather.

For example, while low-quality plastic pieces may soften in the sun, changing their shape, our higher quality recycled plastic furniture will not. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.

You also have to consider rain. Few homeowners will be completely diligent about covering or bringing in furniture when it rains. In fact, you may not want to stop your party if it’s just a short drizzle! Our Divano patio furniture is right there with you. These loungers and dining sets can be safely rained on and will dry within the hour.

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Patio furniture may also spend a lot of time under the blazing summer sun. The ultra-violet light will fade out poor quality furniture and will change their color, often only on some parts of the furniture, ruining its look.

If this is a concern for you, consider high quality wicker furniture. It’s treated to prevent fading and can maintain its vibrant color for years to come. It also comes in a variety of different colours other than the brown we generally associate with wicker furniture.


While durability is important, you also need your patio furniture to be comfortable. High-quality pieces are designed with your comfort in mind. Expect plush pillows, soft fabrics and smooth wood or metal surfaces.

Plus, high quality patio furniture is designed for superior comfort, so that you can sit or lay down the way you like. Tough materials like teak and steel will feel supportive, instead of getting in the way of your comfort.

If you want to experience the difference in quality of patio furniture, choose a high-quality set or piece from Oakville Home Leisure. Contact us today with any questions or visit our location to experience some of our high-quality pieces for yourself.