How to Protect Outdoor Furniture

Keeping your patio furniture in good condition is a priority for most people. After all, no matter what kind you bought or how much you spent, you want to keep the furniture looking good for as long as possible. Replacing the furniture, or doing serious restoration jobs, are both a hassle. So, it’s wise to […]

Using Recycled Plastic Material for Outdoor Furniture

There are many demands made on outdoor furniture. Unlike our indoor chairs and tables, those that we enjoy outside and exposed to the elements. Despite the rain and sun, they need to stay vibrant and strong for years. Or, at least, your outdoor furniture should do that. One great option for quality outdoor furniture is […]

Indoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Does bringing outdoor furniture inside sound strange? It’s more popular and easier to do than you might think! More homeowners are finding creative ways to arrange and use their indoor-outdoor furniture and we have some ideas to help bring your outdoor furniture inside for maximum use. Why Use Indoor-Outdoor Furniture? While it might seem a […]

Patio Furniture Material Comparison

What is the best material for outdoor furniture? If you’re on the lookout for some new outdoor gear, a patio furniture material comparison chart can help you choose between the best options available. When deciding which outdoor furniture you want to purchase, look for many of the same characteristics you want in your indoor chairs, […]

Differences in Quality of Patio Furniture

The difference in quality of your patio furniture can change your outdoor living experience. High quality pieces give you a great patio experience year after year, while low-quality pieces will disappoint you from year one and may not last longer than that. Here are a few ways that choosing the high-quality patio furniture at Oakville […]

How to Position Your Patio Furniture

Our patios are a great place to enjoy the outdoors. This year, try mixing it up with some different backyard patio furniture arrangements. Backyard Patio Furniture Arrangements: How to Position Your Patio Your backyard is an escape from the world. You want it to stay fresh and interesting, so trying different backyard patio furniture arrangements […]

Importance of Sun Protection in Your Backyard

If you love spending time in your backyard during the nice weather, it’s important to introduce shade as much as possible using an umbrella and other means to protect you and your family. Here are some simple tips and backyard shade ideas to help make your space sun-safe. Why Is Sun Protection So Important? Sun […]

Patio Furniture Trends for 2019

Fans of retro, rustic, or intricate designs will be pleased with the patio furniture trends coming up this spring. Of course, you may be wondering which pieces you need to replace this year. The quality of materials, age and weather conditions all play a role in determining if it is time to replace your patio […]

How to Store Patio Furniture Safely

Winter’s coming. That means colder temperatures, longer days and putting your patio furniture away for the season. If you want to make certain your chairs and tables stay clean and beautiful all winter long, follow the tips below: With these helpful tips, your patio furniture will be safe and sound. However, if you think it’s […]