Hot Tub Mental Health and Wellness Benefits   

Whether or not you’ve bought a hot tub for hydrotherapy, you’re likely to see plenty of health benefits from spending time relaxing in the hot, bubbling water. There are many demonstrated mental health benefits that you may be able to get too. Here are some of them.  Muscle Tension  Hot water relaxes your muscles, after the initial adjustment period. […]

Choosing a Hot Tub Size That Works for You  

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes that are meant not just for different numbers of people, but also to fulfill unique needs that you might have for your hot tub in order to enjoy it the way that you want to. Which hot stub size is right for you? We’ll walk you through all […]

How to Protect Your Patio Furniture from Animals

You bought some lovely patio furniture. So lovely, in fact, that you’re a little worried about placing it outside. What if the dog or a squirrel chews it? Cats might scratch it, and deer might even be interested in it depending on your location. Here is how to protect your patio furniture from all of […]

2020 Backyard and Outdoor Décor Trends

In 2020, outdoor spaces, in general, are trending. Backyards are becoming more functional, fun and sophisticated spaces. The emphasis is on new outdoor furniture options, colour trends for fabrics and finishes, as well as new features such as heating and hot tubs. The focus is on extending the season you can enjoy your outdoor space […]

Games to Play on a Pool Table

Have you ever thought of using your pool table for something other than pool? You might be surprised at what else you can do. While billiards is a fun way to spend time with family and friends, especially as the weather starts to cool down, there are many different pool table games out there.   Here are our […]

All Weather Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a weave, not a material. There is no wicker tree and you’ll never find comfortable patio furniture growing naturally in the high wilderness. Wicker furniture can just as easily be synthetic as natural. Lots of wicker furniture is made from common natural materials including rattan, bamboo and willow. Rattan is: Inexpensive, lightweight, flexible […]

How to Use the Kit Included with Your Beachcomber Hot Tub

Beachcomber Hot Tub owners receive a 3 piece test kit. In order to maintain the ideal healthy balance in your spa, you should master how to use it! The kit includes: Comparator Orthotolidine Phenol Red Comparator This small, dual-compartment vial is used to measure the pH (on the right side) and the amount of active sanitizer […]

The New Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

You know you want a hot tub; you just don’t know where to start. Well, we say start right here. Here we’ve recorded everything you need to know before taking the plunge and bringing home your first hot tub. 1. Maintenance Hot tubs require maintenance. Work! Nobody likes it, but everybody likes the result of […]