Small Game Room Ideas

You don’t need to have a big game room to have a lot of fun. If you only have a small space for your game room, you can still deck it out, and use a few space-saving tricks, to make it a great place for adult games. Here are a ton of small game room […]

How to Decorate a Billiards Room

Are you thinking of decorating your billiard room or games room? There are many ways to spruce up the space and make it more lively and delightful. First, we suggest you think about whether you want your room to look like a classic pool hall, or something more modern and clean. Whatever style you choose, […]

Game Guide: Types of Poker and DartBoard Games

Having a game room in your home can provide you and your family with hours upon hours of entertainment, not to mention the parties and get-togethers. And while there is a multitude of possibilities when it comes to creating a game room in your home, two games that should never be left off your list […]

Games to Play on a Pool Table

Have you ever thought of using your pool table for something other than pool? You might be surprised at what else you can do. While billiards is a fun way to spend time with family and friends, especially as the weather starts to cool down, there are many different pool table games out there.   Here are our […]

2019 Games Room Trends

Having fun never goes out of style, but there are some new trends for games rooms that are on the rise for 2019. This year, whether you are transforming a space into an amazing game room or are looking for fresh games room ideas, we’ve got you covered. What’s trending for games rooms this year? […]

Christmas Gifts for Your Family and Games Room

Let the games begin! Your games room might be good, but are you content with just good? What about great? What about amazing? What about life-changing? (Maybe that last one is a bit too far). Imagine how much better it would be with: A high end air hockey table, to keep the kids occupied for […]

Bring Home Fun for the Holidays This Year

It might seem a bit early (and tacky) to talk about Christmas right now, but for the sake of spreading out your expenses this year, we’re going to risk it. Lots of families shower the kids with a towering pile of smallish gifts. Lots of things to open Christmas morning is fun. A big, impressive […]

So You Want to Learn Snooker? Great!

Good for you! We don’t hear about enough snooker players around here, but it’s arguably our favourite game to play on a billiards table. Everything you need to know to get through a game of snooker is contained here. So bookmark this page and come back often. The basics 1) Potting a ball entitles the […]

How to win at foosball

Most of Us Could Use a Little Help – How to Be a Pro at Foosball As you first start to learn the game of foosball, you will notice there are a lot of small skills you have to master if you want to win for any reason other than dumb luck. A major part of […]