Bring Home Fun for the Holidays This Year

It might seem a bit early (and tacky) to talk about Christmas right now, but for the sake of spreading out your expenses this year, we’re going to risk it.

Lots of families shower the kids with a towering pile of smallish gifts. Lots of things to open Christmas morning is fun. A big, impressive gift is pretty fun too, though.

Go head to head in a series of winter-long tournaments after you bring home one of the following gifts for the family

1. Foosball!

How to play foosballWe all see foosball tables, we all sort of know how to play. Maybe it’s time to learn how to really play.

A game of foosball can get frenzied, which is why we carry only the sturdiest of foosball tables made by Garlando and Valley Dynamo. These manufacturers feature construction and finishes used on high volume commercial tables and they are weather-resistant enough for patio play any time of the year.

Get an edge on the kids and learn how to win at foosball on our blog. At least you can be the top dog for a month or so (kids can really pick up games like this quickly).

2. Ping-Pong

ping pong tables oakvillePing-pong tables need more space than foosball tables, but supply even more vigorous action. The quality ping-pong tables we stock from Kettler will probably be the last you ever have to buy. They’ll stand up to decades of heavy use without chipping or losing surface resistance (hardness).

Easy access to a ping-pong table gives your kids a place to improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes and get a little exercise when it’s too cold to head out the door. With Kettler’s fold-up tables, storage is simple and moving the table outdoors in the summer only requires a single person.

Have Olympic dreams for your kids? Ping-pong gives them a real shot! Well, not any more than the other sports really. Nevermind.


shuffleboards OakvilleAs kids, we never really knew how to play shuffleboard. But slinging the shuffleboard pucks down the table and getting them as close ot the centre as possible sure was satisfying.

Shuffleboards in our showroom are made entirely from Canadian Maple and feature a polymer surface coating that never has to be replaced, ever.

Shuffleboards for casual players come in sizes from 9 feet to 14 feet, so there’s a model to fit any home. Higher-end models extend up to an epic 22 feet. Don’t forget to stock up on Sun-Glo speed powder or silicone spray for smooth puck travel.

You think you’re already an expert, but you’ll know otherwise after your first toss! Once again, the kids will likely humble you on the shuffleboard.

These three big, impressive gifts will bring the family together. Get ready to make som enew memories over your foosball table, ping-pong table or shuffleboard.

Come find the model that’s best for you in our showroom today.