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Choosing a Hot Tub Size That Works for You  

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes that are meant not just for different numbers of people, but also to fulfill unique needs that you might have for your hot tub in order to enjoy it the way that you want to. Which hot stub size is right for you? We’ll walk you through all […]

How to Make Your Small Patio Cozy

A small space can still be a sanctuary, a comfort, and very enjoyable. Many people find that going for a cozy-vibe is a great idea to make the most of their small outdoor space. Cozy spaces need to feel nestled, sheltered, and small spaces naturally feel like that. But there are things that you can do […]

How to Protect Your Patio Furniture from Animals

You bought some lovely patio furniture. So lovely, in fact, that you’re a little worried about placing it outside. What if the dog or a squirrel chews it? Cats might scratch it, and deer might even be interested in it depending on your location. Here is how to protect your patio furniture from all of […]

6 Patio Furniture Layout Ideas

Just like in the living room, furniture on the patio defines how you use the space. Laying out the furniture just right will help you and your guests have the experience that you want. It can be easy to get caught in the pattern of a single couch and a coffee table. How can you […]

How to Choose the Best Billiard Table

Every billiard table out there is a little different. The style, function, and quality of each are different. What is the right mix for your game room and your priorities? We’ll walk you through how to choose the best billiard table by explaining each of the comparison points. Size The most important factor to nail […]

How to Remove Calcium Flakes from Your Hot Tub

Have you spotted little white flakes in your hot tub? It’s not dandruff, and it will only continue to accumulate unless you remove it. Typically, these little white flakes are calcium deposits that have collected in your water and started to clump together. Or, it may be biofilm, the result of mold growth in your hot tub. We’ll […]

What to Do if Your Hot Tub Freezes

For many, one of the best parts of owning a hot tub is jumping into it when the weather is coldest. However, keeping your hot tub open during the winter, especially in our climate, always comes with the risk that it might freeze over. There are things you can do to protect your hot tub, […]

Must-Have Game Room Items for the Canadian Winter

Unfortunately, our time outside is limited in Canada. Once winter arrives, it feels like the only way to entertain in your home is to watch something. That can be fun, but it’s not the best way to really connect with other people and it can get boring fast. To make it through the long, drab […]

How to Lower Alkalinity in Your Hot Tub

Alkalinity is often confusing for new and veteran hot tub owners alike. While it is similar to alkaline on the pH scale, it’s not quite the same. And, while some people tolerate high alkalinity in their hot tub routinely, it really isn’t good for your hot tub or yourself. Here’s an explanation of exactly what […]