4 Things You Should be Doing to Maintain Your Pool… But Probably Aren’t

Every pool owner has to do routine pool maintenance. Are you doing enough? Is neglect of some of the basics causing your water to become cloudy, green or leading to other pool problems more than it should? Here are the pool maintenance steps you should be taking to lower your workload and keep your water clear.

Pool maintenance tip 1: Keep a schedule

photo credit to Joe Shlabotnik
under cc2.0

Keeping a schedule is the first step of pool maintenance as it allows you to see and record what you’re actually doing. Odds are that if your pool maintenance is lax it is because you’re relying on your memory to tell you when to use the pool supplies you need. Worse, you could be waiting for things to go bad and then reacting.

A pool maintenance schedule can be a calendar you keep by the door leading to your pool. It can be a notebook you keep in the shed next to the filter pump and other pool supplies, it can even be the chalkboard you keep behind the tiki bar! Be sure it is in a place you frequent when you’re thinking about your pool. It won’t do you any good in the office or a distant garage.

Pool maintenance tip 2: Test your water

This may seem like an obvious pool maintenance step, but it can be easily overlooked. A water testing kit can simplify this and alert you to what pool balancers you may need to use. You should test your water twice a week. Mark when you will do it on your pool maintenance schedule and stick to it!

If you’re unsure of how to test your water, here is a helpful Youtube video on pool water testing that may help you learn the basics.

Pool maintenance tip 3: Don’t correct pH more than once a week

This is your first step in keeping pH bounce from happening. pH bounce is when you find your levels going up and down through use of different pool care supplies that raise and lower it.

Once you have your pH balance issues sorted, at 7.2 to 7.6 (the same pH level of human tears!), it should remain steady for 1 to 3 weeks. Do not adjust it too radically more than once per week and you should be fine.

Pool maintenance tip 4: Empty skimmer and vacuum 3 times per week

photo credit to
Joe ShlabotnikJoe Shlabotnik
under cc2.0

This is everyone’s least favourite chore.

Emptying the skimmer should be done 3 times a week. Every week. Write it on your pool maintenance schedule and follow it.

Vacuuming is a bit more flexible. You can get away with two vacuums a week, but every now and then you should throw in a third. Again, write it down on your pool maintenance schedule to keep track and to keep you honest.

Remember you’re doing all these little tasks to prevent further work for you down the road that will take more time and chemicals, while also interfering with your pool use. Pool maintenance isn’t about doing chores, it’s about maximizing your enjoyment by minimizing down time!

A typical pool maintenance schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Empty skimmer


Test water Mid week rest! Test Water

Correct pH if needed

Empty skimmer


Drink cocktails and enjoy your pool! Empty skimmer

Remember to add in an extra vacuuming every 2 or 3 weeks on Sundays, especially if you had a great pool party on Saturday night!

For all of your pool maintenance needs, including pool supplies and accessories, we invite you to come by Oakville Home Leisure. Our staff are available to help you find the right pool supplies and guide you on their use. If you’re poolside and need help NOW, please give us a call!