11 Ways to Make the Most of March Break in Oakville


Spring is near, and school-age kids can’t wait to take advantage. Parents, on the other hand, are scrambling to find entertaining and educational ways to keep their little ones occupied when March Break rolls around. With a PA day looming on March 7th and break beginning the 10th, adults may wonder how to balance it all. Here are 11 fun and family friendly ways to make the most of this time without sacrificing brain cells or nerves. 

Slurp Some Syrup

No kid can resist sugar, and freshly made maple taffy is available to kids and parents who attend the Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival. Held annually through March Break, Bronte Creek Provincial Park celebrates the beginning of maple season with daily guided tours of the 100-year old Spruce Lane Farmhouse by costumed interpreters. 

Craft With String

Dabble in string theory with kiddos between the ages of 6-10 at the Oakville Gallery. Children discover all the fantastic creations that can make with yarn, including paintings, games, sculptures and far more. Held on March 7th, PA day, it’s an ideal way to engage children in active learning that’s fun for everyone.

Travel the World

Visit Scotland, Africa, India, France, Japan and others on this thrilling adventure that all happens inside the Oakville Museum. No plane ticket necessary, this exciting trip teaches youngsters about art, history and diverse cultures. Each day of March Break offers a new location to explore.

Eat in Style

What kid doesn’t love playing with his food? Give wings to Junior’s sense of imagination by letting him doodle all over his own lunch bag at the Oakville Public Library. Kids ages 4 and up are welcome on March 11th from 2:00-3:00 pm to decorate their lunch bags in anticipation of resuming classes.

Ice the Competition

Future hockey stars can refine their techniques in skating, shooting and scoring at a hockey camp at Canlan Ice Sports. Featuring skilled coaches, the camp helps athletes 9 and up develop greater finesse on the ice over March Break, ensuring higher scores and more trophies when the season begins.

Catch a Flick

Some days are best spent in the dark, eyes focused on a big screen. Oakville movie theaters boast all the latest films your kids want to see, like Frozen, The Lego Movie and The Nut Job. Ply them with popcorn and soda for a relaxing two hours of quality family time.

Slide Down Hills

Slide Down Hills

The last snow of the season is ready for use! Head to the Bronte Creek Park and enjoy a ride or two on a toboggan or ice skate on the rink with friends. Fresh air, exercise and family time ticks all the boxes. 

Slide Down Hills Part Two

There’s still plenty of powder left in Glen Eden for ski and snowboard enthusiasts hoping to get in a few more runs for the season. Take the kids to ski school for lessons or just hit the bunny slopes for a fun day in the sun. Hot chocolate is a must!

Develop Discipline

Learn patience, self-control and self defense through martial arts classes at Pro Dojos. Kids develop more than the ability to throw a kick; they also nurture confidence and empathy for others. Classes for every age group make it a family affair.

Tickle the Ivories

Perhaps musical instruments and the arts are more in keeping with your parenting style. Register your babes in classes for dance, music, theater or art at Canada’s Professional School of Music and Arts. Plenty of camps occur over the break, making ongoing education easy and fun.

Host a Game Night

Host a Game Night

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to entertain and educate your children. Host a game night with ping pong, cards, board games and darts. They’ll love the competition and you’ll love teaching them hobbies that get them thinking, moving and participating with others. 

If you need to get outfitted for your home recreation over March break, visit our showroom!