Outdoor Sectionals

Create Your Own Private Getaway

Give yourself and your family a cozy place to relax by introducing wicker outdoor furniture into your landscape.

The New Wicker

This material is not the same as it used to be 20 years ago. Today, all-weather rattan is one of the most durable and versatile materials used for patio furniture. Even though it’s now made of resin instead of a natural material, its soft woven appearance ensures that it doesn’t create any unwanted contrast with your natural surroundings. It blends into and enhances your landscape, without creating a sharp focal point.

Other benefits include: lightweight, low maintenance, and extensive selection of design options.

Select from the Leading Patio Furniture Brands

  • Cabana Coast
  • Ebel
  • Lloyd Flanders
  • Gensun Casual Living

Where to Put your Sectional

The benefit of choosing all-weather rattan is that it will be lightweight enough to relocate if you change your mind about its placement, but not so light that it can fall over or blow away in windy conditions. The luxurious seating can be placed in a shaded spot on its own, creating a great spot to relax with a book or a cup of coffee, or to converse with your partner. It can also be place alongside an outdoor bar, or as seating along a patio dining table.

Select from the Best in Patio Furniture

Browse the numerous wicker outdoor sectionals that Oakville Home Leisure has to offer. Once you have found your ideal product, contact us or visit our showroom for ordering assistance.