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We have been absolutely delighted with the patio furniture and outdoor fireplace that we purchased last fall from Oakville Home Leisure. We have been using it for the last few months and have been very, very happy with everything! The outstanding service that we received from Jeremy and the entire staff including the fine young gentlemen who delivered the product was second to none. We would most heartily recommend this fine company for any of your patio needs. There was never a feeling of being pushed or rushed during our buying process ….and they were all very willing to listen to our needs and offer insightful comments and suggestions. We hope to be able to use all of this fine product for many years to come.

Lia and Joe on Aug 3, 2018

Great Service, No pressure to buy!

My husband and I were looking for patio furniture and made a couple of trips to the showroom. We had a great experience in dealing with Jeremy – we had many questions and needed assistance in deciding on the final purchase yet Jeremy was very professionally answered all of our questions, suggested solutions and even provided alternatives to consider – all with no pressure or any sign of aggrevation! We purchased our outdoor furniture and a few days after delivery I noticed a minor issue. Jeremy resolved the issue in less than 2 days, and even delivered a replacement chair within this time period as well – no questions asked! The whole experience from start to finish, including delivery etc, was top notch. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Jeremy and his team!

Donna Arnott on Jul 06, 2015

Top Notch – Highly Recommend

For our first hot tub we did a ton of research. Beachcomber, OHO, came out on top, as well, we really wanted to buy an established Canadian product. Beachcomber pointed us to Oakville Home Leisure and from initial contact, through the sales and installation processes, and then post sale water testing and support, has been just top notch. Everyone is knowledgeable and Jay and his staff really put out the extra effort.

Gerry Merz on Mar 19, 2015

One of the best I have dealt with!

Mark from Oakville Home Leisure is very good! He is someone I’ve known from other people as well, and I in turn have already recommended him to multiple people as well. They are great with delivery time, set up time, and keeping appointments. They were here within the time promised, with the product as promised. They also installed as committed, and also follow up!

Tom Martin on Jan 15, 2015

Absolutely first rate customer service and advice.

The folks at Oakville Home Leisure are extremely knowledgeable about their product lines. They took as much time as you needed in the store to explain the pros and cons of different features of their products. They established a real trust level from first minute that you walk in. After you purchase the product they are very flexible and accommodating regarding the delivery time. We were doing a rebuild and sometimes the deadlines and the dates change but Oakville Home Leisure didn’t pressure us to get the furniture set delivered. They are a great company to do business with.

Dan Devlin on Nov 14, 2014

Bought our second hot tub from Oakville home leisure -A1+!

We were in the market to replace our old hot tub and decided to purchase it from Oakville home leisure. We were overwhelmed by the attention, service and knowledge of the friendly staff. We’ve been to many stores in the area and the staff here excelled at customer service. From the time we bought our hot tub to the time it was installed we have nothing but praise for JJ and his crew. Many thanks and look forward to doing business again

Ray L on Sep 24, 2014

Solid company with quality products!

Oakville Home Leisure is a solid company with quality products. Years ago we ordered a harvest table from them for our back yard. It was a gorgeous metal material. We were told that we could leave it outside in the winter without treating it. After the winter time we noticed that it was starting to bubble in certain places. I took pictures and was prepared to have to prove my case. The owner asked no questions and had the delivery people out right away to replace it. He is extremely honest and the delivery guys are always very nice and helpful. We also ordered all of our wicker furniture from them. It is absolutely beautiful. They are a company you can trust and great to do business with.

Marcy Robinson on Sep 09, 2014

Very knowledgeable staff

Oakville Home Leisure helped us redo our patio. The staff was very knowledgeable and helped us decide what would work best for us. They treated us very well and the entire process was very enjoyable. We would use them again.

Dave Fox on Sep 05, 2014

Highly recommend!

Oakville Home Leisure was very helpful and patient while I was choosing the right furniture for my backyard. The delivery service was excellent. Everything turned out well, and I would go back anytime!

Lesley Taylor on Aug 20, 2014

They stand behind their product

Oakville Home Leisure is honest, reliable, and they stand behind their products. I got some furniture from them that wasn’t exactly right, and they took care of it toot sweet. It was wonderful. We had an issue with some furniture that was a little banged up upon delivery. We let them know, and they came back, no questions asked. They got us new pieces and redelivered the furniture. It was great. You don’t get that kind of service a lot in this day and age. JJ was the person I dealt with, and he was certainly a good guy.

Nico Goossens on Aug 08, 2014

Timely and professional services. I highly recommend them!

Overall my experience with Oakville Home Leisure has been very professional and I have valued the customer service that they have provided highly. I think they provide a great product at a reasonable price and knowing that their product is one of the best on the market (in my opinion), this seemed like a very logical choice in terms of where to go for what we were looking for. We have used their services before, and based off that we were satisfied enough with their product quality to indulge and buy another hot tub to replace the old one. I have no complaints regarding any part of the service, everything was done in a timely and professional manner. Going forward, I would absolutely use Oakville Home Leisure again and have recommended them highly to many people that I know. I will continue to use them myself as needed be and can’t say enough about the work they have done for me already. I am very happy!

John V on Jul 31, 2014

Great quality, service, and selection

The gentleman who served us was very helpful, without being at all overbearing. There is a great selection in store, and, having looked around, the pricing seemed more than reasonable.

Peter Langille on Apr 19, 2014

Excellent all around

Jeremy helped us pick out a 5 piece patio set that suited our needs and budget. He was very knowledgable about all the products and was very helpful comparing multiple products and brands to suit our needs. Even after spending 7k (which I never would have imagined) I am very pleased with my purchase and service.

Peter Kuchta on Feb 15, 2014

Great customer service and quality products

I bought patio furniture from Oakville Home Leisure. They gave us a quote. I went back later and bought everything they put in the quote, and they delivered the furniture. All of their sales people are very good looking. They sell high quality patio furniture. I really trusted what they said about their products.

Joanna H., Jo Anna Nadalin on Nov 26, 2013

One-stop shopping with great service

We have been to Oakville Home Leisure a few times for outdoor furniture, umbrellas, tables, and chairs. The staff is all great. We’ve built rapport with certain people, so we tend to go directly to them for all our needs. The sales representatives know how to coordinate the different pieces with each other, and this has helped to speed up the lead time for us significantly. For each transaction, they help us select the fabric and material to go with it. They are also able to narrow down which manufacturers to choose. Oakville Home Leisure does all of the deliveries. When they make a delivery, they set up everything and even take all the garbage away. They also have excellent follow-up. If there are going to be any delays, they call us up ahead of time to let us know. I would definitely recommend others to give them a call.

Nicola & Tim M on Nov 25, 2013

The best in customer service!

Oakville Home Leisure did our backyard renovation. We bought a hot tub and outdoor furniture from them, and they did the hot tub installation for us. They were very knowledgeable and gave us the most information of everyone that we spoke with. They didn’t pressure us to make the sale. And that’s why we went with them, because they just gave us the facts without any pressure. They were flexible. It was all about what met my needs. When I had a concern about something and wanted to make a change, they were there to support me. They provide great customer service. They are easy to deal with and have great products. You can rely on them!

Monica Rok on Nov 21, 2013

Great experience with Home Leisure

We purchased from Oakville Home Leisure a customized pool table, sauna, hot tub, and I also bought outdoor furniture. They’re very knowledgeable as well. Anything I wanted custom done, they were very open to that. It’s a pretty big reason I went to them. Their people are knowledgeable, receptive, and friendly.

Marni Toushan on Nov 19, 2013

I enjoyed shopping at this family owned business

I went into Oakville Home Leisure mostly to investigate and research buying a pool table because it’s such a big purchase. I met with the owner and he was very personable. He gave me a lot of information without giving me the hard sell. I came back the next day and bought the table. We organized the delivery and I wish we could have had it delivered closed to Christmas but I understand it’s a busy time and they’re doing the best they can. After the purchase, we changed our mind about a cover. We went into the store and they were very amenable to our request. The whole thing was a great experience.

Meg Hamilton on Jan 28, 2013

Happy with the purchase.

I just went in for a hot tub, I found them very informative and easy to talk to. The purchase turned out very good.

Peter Koves on Jan 22, 2013

Amazing. Reliable service and friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone.

We had dealt with Oakville Home Leisure before in our current home. We bought a second property, and they supplied the hot tub for that one. I could have gone to the local store, but I didn’t. Even though they were two hours away, Oakville Home Leisure was so reliable and delivered when they said they would. They made sure that it was in working order before they left. They sent an email the next day to make sure everything was alright. I was impressed.

Chris Doyle on Jan 14, 2013

It was a very good experience. I would recommend them.

Oakville Home Leisure helped us pick the right hot tub for us. The service was good. They took care of us, answered any questions we had, and so far, so good.

L Faustino on Jan 10, 2013

I would definitely buy from them again.

Oakville Home Leisure was fantastic. We bought a hot tub and a firepit from them. They came out to our house on their own time, working with our schedule. They did measurements, brought in a duplicate hot tub, and gave us a demo. There was no pressure at all to sign on the dotted line. Everything was done pre-sale. They also went above and beyond with their delivery. They picked up the hot tub from the depot themselves so that they could deliver it to us faster. The installation was fast and easy.

C Whall on Nov 16, 2012

There’s no need to compare against other suppliers. The best in the area.

We’ve purchased furniture from Oakville Home Leisure and they’ve both delivered locally and shipped internationally for us. They’ve also made custom cushions for us. They are knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and appropriate.

Janet Giysek on Nov 12, 2012

We have nothing bad to say about them.

We walked in and talked to JJ. He was very knowledgeable about the products and very personable. He made us feel comfortable in the decision that we were making. We came in several times and he was always there to help us. The installation and service was great.

Kim Kavander on Nov 08, 2012

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