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Patio Heaters

Does it get cold too soon at night for you when you want to enjoy your patio? Maybe you are looking to prolong the summer into fall and want a little warmth to help it along. A portable patio heater can do that for you conveniently and safely!


Most patio heaters are fueled by propane and natural gas. These easily obtained gases are what also fuel many summertime barbeques, while also heating homes all over Ontario during the winter. They are freestanding and do not need any cords that have to be plugged in which become trip hazards, and this allows them to be set up nearly anywhere you have level ground that is free from combustible material.

Benefits of propane and natural gas

Both of these are clean burning fuels that have great heating and energy potential. They have their benefits and disadvantages that mostly level them out except for one area: environmental impact.

Natural gas is considered a potent greenhouse gas. Propane, on the other hand, is a non-toxic gas which will not pollute the air even if it is released. If choosing a ‘green fuel’ is a motivating factor for you then propane may be the best choice.

Heat generated

The heat that a good patio heater will produce, such as those on offer from Napoleon, actually do not heat the surrounding air. They produce infrared radiant heat rays which are designed to heat up nearby objects, objects like you and your guests! This results in a much more fuel efficient process as heating up outside air can be next to impossible, while heating something or someone standing still is a simple task.

Models available

The suppliers we work with, Napoleon and Paramount, have 3 basic models available for you to choose from. They each come in different styles and finishes but the basics are:

  • Free-Standing Natural gas
  • Free-Standing Propane
  • Table Top
  • Wall Mounted Infrared

Each of these options helps you cover a different need depending on the space you have available. The free standing models are great for those with large parties who need to warm a bunch of people, the table top heaters are great for intimate gatherings, and a wall mounted unit is out of your way but not too far out that it won’t keep you warm!

Browse the product descriptions above to find ways to warm your patio, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help saying toasty late into summer.

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