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Replacement Hot Tub Filters

In order to keep your hot tub in good working order, you must change your replacement filter at least annually. Your full system depends on this small component to keep it functioning properly, and to maintain safe conditions for use. The majority of the malfunctions that trigger service calls are caused by an old, clogged filter. Nothing is more important to ensuring the proper operation of your Beachcomber.

Why Replace your Cartridge?

  • Prevent unnecessary service calls
  • Maintain sanitary and healthy conditions
  • Have the freshest, clearest water possible
  • Take care of your quality of life improving investment

Protect your Investment

By ensuring that you are replacing the components that need to be changed frequently, you are avoiding the potential costs of replacing other large ticket items, like pumps or motors.

Between changes, your cartridge should be rinsed with your garden hose every other week, or more depending on the frequency of use. Follow the directions on the package in the case of full water change.

Selecting your Product

Replacements are specific to your hot tub model. If you remove your current one and look at the end cap, the product number is often stamped here. If you’re unsure of your spa model, you can use this product number to select the correct item from the thumbnails below.

Oakville Home Leisure is your Beachcomber specialist. Order your required product today, or contact us for assistance selecting the replacement hot tub filter for your new or existing model.

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