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Shuffleboard Accessories

The game of shuffleboard is very simple. This makes it easy for those of any age to get in on, learn and spend a lifetime perfecting their skills at it. Best of all, it is not a game of physical strength but is rather a game of skill and precision. Dad and son can face off against each other competitively quicker than Dad will likely want to happen!

What the game is played with

The game of table shuffleboard is obviously played on a table. The accessories that are used on it are quite varied and all play an important role in the game. They break down into 5 main categories:

Shuffleboard weight set or pucks

The pucks are the pieces of equipment that you actually slide down the table to score with. They are made of metal and plastic and come in varying amounts of weight. The weight of the puck is determined by the length of the table - heavier pucks are meant for longer tables.

Silicon table lubricants

These are silicon based sand-like products that let the puck slide easily on the table. They come as either a powder or a spray on lubricant that is used on top of the powder for even greater lubrication. They are known by the following product names:

  • Sun-Glo Powder Speed 1
  • Sun-Glo Powder Speed 5
  • Sun-Glo Powder Speed 6
  • Sun-Glo Silicone Spray


These range from ornate pieces of decoration to simple score keeping units designed to show the whole room who is winning. They can be made using a number of materials and some even feature sound effects which can help liven up a game. Take a look at the following models on offer from Champion:

  • Universal Electronic Score Unit
  • Abacus Scorekeeper
  • All Plastic Scoreboard
  • Wood and Brass Scoreboard
  • J Bar Score Unit
  • Wooden Railmount Score Unit
  • Railmount Score Unit
  • Framed Chalk Scoreboard

Maintenance accessories

Keeping your table in tip top shape takes just a few simple accessories. These will include:

  • A Shuffleboard cover
  • A board wipe

It may not seem like much but these two items will greatly prolong the life of your table and increase your enjoyment by keeping everything clean and maintained.

Additional accessories

You can also purchase the following accessories to increase the uses of your table:

  • Bowling pins
  • Bowling pin rack

That’s right, you can play a variation on bowling on your shuffleboard at home! Just set the rack down, put the pins in and lift the rack away for a perfect set up every single time.

Browse the product descriptions above to find the accessories that take your shuffleboard to the next level, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for assistance.

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