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OW Lee Casual Fire Pits

Choosing a professionally made fire pit from OW Lee gives you the perfect combination of a campfire and the sophisticated look you demand in your backyard.

On those late nights when the temperature dips there is nothing more comforting to have outside than a warm fire. As you surely remember from a camping trip or 2, starting a fire with logs and wood can be a messy affair. OW Lee seeks to make your next backyard fire a much easier affair with their range of professionally made fire pits.

The problem with natural fires

Choosing a manufactured gas burning fire pit, over building a fire pit on the ground in your backyard, is smart because the fire you make on the ground will inevitably end up looking like a big charred hole in your lawn! There is also the problem with ash creating a mess and wood having to be carried in all the time.

Eliminate the mess

A fire pit from OW Lee eliminates all the mess and creates an attractive gathering place for your friends and family to gather around. You can choose three different heights that allow you to set the sort of mood you’d like around the fire:

  • Chat Height - ideal for collecting a set of chairs around and having a place to set your drinks down as you talk through the night
  • Dining Height - meant to have chairs pulled right up to it so that you can enjoy a meal with the fire in the centre of the table
  • Counter Height - intended for those who want to grab a few drinks, pull their chairs up close and rest their elbows on the table during a casual night with friends

Lazy Susan

An accessory you can consider for your fire pit is a lazy susan. This sits over the top of the fire pit area. These smart additions make you fire pit more flexible as you can use it as a table when the flame is not in use. Purchasing your lazy susan from OW Lee will allow you to perfectly match your fire pits design.

Browse the product descriptions above to bring the fire to your backyard, or contact us at Oakville home Leisure today for our assistance.

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