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Fire Media

Fire Media kits are decorative elements that you can add to your fire pit that allow you more choices on how you want your fire table to look.

To add their own sense of style and atmosphere to a propane or natural gas fire pit, many people choose to add various fire media kits to the centre area of their pit where the actual fire burns. These kits allow you another opportunity to make your own statement and put across your personal sense of design.


These pieces of glass are specially made for use in fire pits that burn natural or propane gas. They help to provide the clean and beautiful flame you love to look at while being energy efficient too.


They come in 3 basic different styles or shapes. Each different shape will have differing colours available in each category. Which one you choose will depend on your sense of style, they all work the same!

Crystals and diamonds

These are pure tempered glass pieces that have been crushed and finely processed for a high quality look. They will all have the appearance of crystal with various colours glowing through them. The colours can include:

  • Clear diamond
  • Black diamond
  • Gold diamond
  • Clear crystals
  • Blue crystals
  • Bronze crystals


If those styles do not meet your particular design goals there are also jellybeans. The shape of that delicious candy has been mimicked in glass and has the smooth curving lines you’d expect. You can choose them in these colours:

  • Black
  • Tangerine
  • Blueberry

Stones and pebbles

For the greatest variety in colours, giving you the most options and flexibility, consider some coloured glass that is shaped like rocks and pebbles. They look great in any fire pit and are available in these vibrant colours:

  • Caribbean
  • Crystal amber
  • Crystal clear
  • Glacier ice
  • Gray stones
  • Herbal tea
  • Reflective gray
  • Root beer
  • Tangerine

Now that you know what is available remember that you can mix and match! Pairing some of these vibrant colours with other contrasting colours and shapes can create a truly striking centrepiece for your fire pit table.

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