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Cabana Coast Fire Pits

A natural gas or propane fire pit from Cabana Coast can be then neat and clean solution for your backyard parties that need a little late night heat.

If you’re tired of always having to clean up the mess of a natural wood burning fire pit, or if you’d like to avoid the look of a big black hole in your yard, a propane or natural gas fire pit from Cabana Coast could be just the answer.


Whether you want a small and intimate gathering place for your closest friends, or a roaring fire that could warm Jay Gatsby’s biggest party, you’ll find it with these size options:

  • 29 inch square
  • 42 inch square
  • 48 inch square
  • 48 inch by 30 inch rectangle
  • 50 inch by 32 inch rectangle
  • 58 inch by 36 inch rectangle
  • 42 inch circle
  • 50 inch circle

These sizes will allow you to find the right size of fire pit that will sync up with the number of seats you have to put around it to seat the typical number of guests you have.

Natural and propane gas

All of these pits are fueled by propane or natural gas. These easily obtained gases are also commonly used to heat homes all over Ontario during the winter, and you likely have a tank of it under your barbeque. This fuel source allows them to be freestanding. You will not need to connect any cords that can become trip hazards. This allows them to be set up nearly anywhere that is free from overhanging combustible materials and is level.

Benefits of propane and natural gas

Both of these clean burning fuels have great energy and heating capabilities. Where they differ is over one key factor: environmental impact.

While natural gas is safe burning it is also considered a potent greenhouse gas. Propane, however, is non-toxic. This means that it will not pollute the air even when it is released freely. For those that want to make the ‘green choice,’ consider propane for your fire pit selection.

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