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Teak Garden Patio Furniture: A Durable Choice

If you want to beautify your garden space with comfortable, high quality and durable teak garden furniture then you should consider purchasing teak patio furniture or teak garden furniture, excellent options if you are looking for long-lasting wood that will serve as a worthwhile long-term investment.

Teak is a dense, deciduous hardwood with a coarse grain found in Southeast Asia , Africa and Central America.  Teak is the most stable and durable type of wood for use outdoors. Teak patio furniture can last more than 75 years and is the popular choice of designers, gardeners and home owners who wish to beautify outdoor spaces while making their garden or patio comfortable and practical for everyday use.

Teak patio furniture is a high quality, durable option for your outdoor living space.  Teak contains unique natural resinous oils and a high content of rubber which make it extremely resistant to bugs and wood boring insects such as termites.  The combination of natural oils and rubber found in the wood makes teak patio furniture extremely resistant to moisture, decay and splintering.  Teak also contains a silica substance which makes it naturally resistant to mold and fungus.

Another reason you should consider teak patio furniture is because it requires very little maintenance.  New teak garden furniture is a honey color and as the wood ages and weathers it will change to a grey or silver color.  If you wish to maintain the original honey color of your teak patio furniture you may consider treating it with teak oil or a teak protector.  However this maintenance is optional.  You should know that if teak oil is not applied correctly it can cause irregular coloring. Most owners do not mind the color changes that appear to their teak garden furniture over time and choose not to worry about maintaining the original honey color.

If your daily life involves spending time outside then you want to consider including the classic elegance of teak patio furniture in your outdoor space.  Whether you are beautifying your patio or garden, teak garden patio furniture provides aesthetic comfort, durability and quality for outdoor living.

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