Portable Hot Tub Spa

The King of Convenience: Portable Hot Tub Spa

Is the thought of moving house in the future keeping you from purchasing that hot tub you desire so greatly?

With a portable hot tub spa, you can throw away that worry, enjoy a few more years of hot tub luxury and get the most out of your purchase!

What’s a portable hot tub?

A portable hot tub is designed for easy transportation.  These tubs are often rented for special occasions, but can also be bought by families who find the convenience of portability appealing.

Portable hot tubs are often made out of a softer plastic, yet many features remain the same, including the self-filtration system, jets and heater.

Benefits unique to this option

More benefits related to a portable hot tub spa include:

  • Easy set up (15 mins set up and ½ hour to fill up) and take down
  • Easy to transport
  • Rentable and short-term option is great for addressing muscle aches or other illnesses treatable by hydrotherapy
  • Affordability
  • Self-filtration means cleaning stays easy, even as it’s portable
  • Durable – material is the same as what’s used to make other water- and puncture-resistant items such as white water rafts

Hot tub gazebos: the perfect compliment

Are you wondering how you’ll be able to transform your yard from the place where no one wants to spend time into a luxurious space for the whole family, even with the hot tub in it?

Consider a hot tub gazebo to go over and around your tub as the perfect way to shut the world out and get away without leaving your yard.

Where to find what you’re looking for

Finding the perfect fits for your back yard can be overwhelming.  Don’t worry. There’s a place you can go that’s been serving communities in the GTA for over 20 years to find both a portable hot tub spa and the most magnificent gazebos.

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