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Outdoor Dining Furniture

Dining furniture for your outdoor patio: a place for your family to take the time to be a family

Reinvent your empty or unused outdoor space into a place for outdoor dining furniture, where your family dines, laughs and spends time just being a family.

Statistics from a 2005 study show that meal time is the most important time for families to connect (Time Spent With Family During a Typical Workday: 1986 to 2005, Martin Turcotte). Would having a better eating and thus connecting space improve your family’s attitude toward family meal time?

Eating in a lovely space that reflects your family’s own special flare can make the difference between having a connected household or a family that eats many meals alone.


Outdoor patio furniture for dining also gives you a space for entertaining.  From relaxed brunches with extended family and friends to fancy dinner parties, a quality dining set for your patio can suit all occassions.

Choosing patio furniture

Dining furniture can set the entire mood for your outdoor space and accommodating everyone’s different visions and desires for that space can be difficult.

Plus, you want your family to feel at home while, at the same time, you want the space to be suitable for special events.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some practical tips for finding the right set:

  1. Consider size of your space when considering the size of your set.
  2. Consider how many people you need to seat on an average day when considering size as well
  3. Consider whether you want your furniture to be the centrepiece of your whole space or whether you just want it as one aspect of many
  4. Consider the pros and cons of certain materials – factor in maintenance, durability and what “feel” it projects.  For instance, wood may project a warmer feel that cast iron.

Visit a home leisure store

A home leisure store, such as Oakville Home Leisure, will provide you with a wide selection of dining sets to choose from and the staff resources to help you make the right choice.

Visit or phone 1-866-960-9109 to contact Oakville Home Leisure and get an idea for the great selection of outdoor dining furniture that’s out there for you and your family!

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