What to Look For in a Hottub Dealer

A quality hottub dealer

Wondering what that looks like?

Here are some pointers for finding a hot tub dealer that’s worth your time:

  1. Search out a seasoned business – their experience will likely improve the level of service they provide. Also, a seasoned dealer still in business after plenty of years has likely earned their many years of success through trust-worthy and quality service.
  2. Ensure they provide a variety of maintenance services, so you can rest assured that you won’t be left without experienced help when help is needed. Services may include:
    1. Weekly Maintenance
    2. Drain, Clean & Refill
    3. Winterization
    4. Orientation and Education
    5. Relocation and Storage
    6. Delivery and Installation of Covers & Lifters
    7. Free BioGuard Computerized Water Testing
    8. Installation of Hot Tub Bases
  3. A business that expresses interest in and values long-lasting client relationships demonstrates their potential for care and commitment to you.  A dealer committed to long-term quality service may be more likely to invest more in you and your vision for your hottub.
  4. A hot tub dealer worth keeping is one that will deliver.

A business that offers entire indoor and outdoor oasis furnishings, that is family-run with family values, that has many years of experience and that has built long-term relationshipswith their clients is the image of a business worth dealing with.  But ensure they deliver to your home and provide installation services as well, to ensure your project gets completed right.

Oakville Home Leisure

Finding a place this great can seem next to impossible.  Try Oakville Home Leisure out first and save yourself the time and energy.

To learn more about their hottubs and hotttub services, visit www.oakvillehomeleisure.ca or phone 1-866-960-9109.

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