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Dining Patio Set | Patio Dining Set

Eating dinner on your patio is time to connect as a family

If a dining patio set could make family meal time a higher priority for your family, would you consider it?

A Statistics Canada study done in 2005 confirms that with the increase in time parents are spending working, time devoted to family meals has decreased (Time Spent With Family During a Typical Workday: 1986 to 2005, Turcotte).

As a result, so has family time altogether.  Time spent at family meals has decreased by 15 minutes and, according to Mark Turcotte of Statistics Canada, this accounts for 11% of the decrease in overall time spent as a family Time Spent With Family During a Typical Workday: 1986 to 2005, Turcotte).

What if you could make meal time more appealing? What if it was something your family would want to set aside time for?

Many families are willing to spend money on making meal time easier by ordering in or using meal preparation businesses that allow more time from them to be as a family.

What if it was easier than that? And more fun for you!

Another way of going about it

What if you created a space, indoors or out, where your family had its own personal oasis – a place where everyone wanted to be?

A home leisure store near you could supply you with items such as a patio set, a gazebo, a hot tub and game room items such as a pool or ping pong table.

Make a space where your family will encounter each other through their own interests!

A home leisure store near you

You don’t have to look far. If you live within the GTA, contact Oakville Home Leisure, a family-run business with 20 years of experience and top-brand dining patio sets, at 1-866-960-9109.

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