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BioGuard Pool Care

BioGuard offers a complete range of products to care for your pool. They have everything you need for a clear and sparkling pool this summer!

Caring for your pool is important as there is nothing more inviting than a pool with water so clear it is practically invisible except for the glints of sunlight it reflects from its surface. Proper pool care with the right water treatments will ensure that your pool is a perfectly clear as possible.

BioGuard is a pool care specialist that has a full range of easily categorized products. Their simple to use products can be used by anyone with just the reading of a few clear directions. Here is how they break down by category:

Chlorine sanitizers

These are the basics of any pool maintenance routine. Chlorine sanitizers are meant to keep your pool water clear and free from bacteria. Any program you undertake with BioGuard will include a sanitizer for this protection. The products themselves are:

  • BioGuard Power Pucks
  • BioGuard Stingy Sticks
  • BioGuard Smart Sticks
  • BioGuard PowerChlor

Bromine Sanitizers

These are an ideal option for indoor pools, but can also work well on outdoor pools. They are an excellent choice for the sanitation of your pool because they produce “amines,” a non irritant that works effectively over a wide pH range. The products are:

  • BioGuard Sleeved Bromine Refill Pucks
  • BioGuard Brominating Tablets


These are used to quickly destroy contaminants introduced by swimmers and the environment. They bring back water balance, clarity and eliminate the causes of eye and nose irritation. The products are:

  • BioGuard Smart Shock 13 pack, 400g bag
  • BioGuard Burnout 35 12 pack, 450g bag

Algae Prevention

These products are designed to kill, prevent and control algae. Using them will help you avoid water that is murky while also allowing you to lower your chlorine needs and lessen the strain on your filters. These products are:

  • BioGuard Banish
  • BioGuard Erase

Pool Balancers

These products cover a wide range of uses. You can find treatments that will:

  • Control scale
  • Prevent metallic stains
  • Adjust the pH and total alkalinity
  • Correct mineral imbalances

Pool water enhancers

These are meant to enhance your water by adding that ‘sparkle’ you expect from great water, while also helping your filters work at a higher efficiency. The products include:

  • Optimizer Plus
  • Polysheen Blue
  • Kwik Clear
  • Power Floc

Pool cleaners

This is for your every need when it comes to cleaning anything to do with your pool. There are cleaners for your:

  • Filters
  • Tiles and other surfaces
  • Pool covers

This will help your pool stay looking new for much longer and be more inviting for it.

Browse the product descriptions above to start your pool care program, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for our help.

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