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Cue Racks and Cue Stands

Getting all the details right in your game room is the difference between having a place where people play games every so often and having a place where people love to gather for the perfect ambience you have created. The right pool rack or cue stand is one of those details that can not be overlooked.

Racks and stands for your cue stick are not just about having a quirky little design feature, they are also about proper organization of your space. Have you ever tried to balance a pool cue on the edge of the table? If you haven’t don’t start. Most of the time they fall to the floor where chalk dust will dirty your carpet and your cue has the chance of cracking. Having a rack or stand to always hold your cues will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

There are two basic ways you can store your cues: on a rack or in a stand. Both have benefits and drawback so it all comes down to your space and what you wish to accomplish.


These are wall mounted display options for your cues. This gets them up off the floor and somewhere safe. If you have a home with children or pets who are sometimes unpredictable this could save your cues from damage.

Having them up off the floor also helps in rooms with limited space. You won’t have to set aside a part of the floor in your game room for a stand. You can have a little more space for a table to hold drinks, chairs for your guests or room to make that perfect shot.


Cue stands are placed on the floor. The best thing about floor stands is that your cues are waiting right next you on the floor within arms reach. You can quickly set your cue down between shots and easily retrieve it again.

Many of the models which you can choose from feature amusing characters that will add to the charm of your room. Some of these characters include:

  • Pool sharks
  • Wizened old pool players
  • Man’s best friend holding a different kind of stick for you

For those who are looking to make a more serious statement you can choose from any number of professional finishes. A number of these finishes perfectly match the billiard lighting options we have on offer. Pairing the two together could be that detail that puts your games room into a whole new realm of cool. A few of the finishes you can choose include:

  • Antique brass
  • Polished brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Black and brown leather
  • Antique copper
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • various colours, both matte and non-matte

There is a colour choice that will match your home decor. Browse the product descriptions above to find it, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help picking out the Cue rack or stand that will best compliment your game room.

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