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Stained Glass

One of the most classic lighting design features that has been used to add drama and unique looks the world over is stained glass. The variety of uses, moods it can create and images it can depict make it the best material for those looking to light a room. This also easily applies to pool table lighting - imagine having that perfect light positioned over your pool table, the one that sets the mood for your whole room while lighting up your favourite game.

Basic arrangement

As is the case with most other pool table lights, these are three lights positioned side by side. Unlike with other styles though these lights can all be housed under one shade of stained glass. You could have a brilliantly lit fixture which depicts a scene of the very game you are playing, or that includes phrases that let everyone who walks into the room know what is going on when they choose to stay.

Where to hang

You have two options as to where to hang them: the general rule is 32 to 42 inches above the table. The World Pool-Billiards Association rules state that it must be 40 to 65 inches above the table. If you’re a casual player than 32 inches is your minimum distance from the table surface to the tip of the shade. If you’re the type who wants their games room as authentic as possible then follow the 40 to 65 inch rule.


The materials used for the light fixture itself take a backstage role for the most part in this series. The stained glass is what is on display, but you still have the option of different frame materials. There are painted metal, imitation antique gold and classic bronze finishes. These materials will all act as an accent to the wonderful designs of the stained glass.


The shades are the stained glass pieces themselves. You can get them in everything from the bold modern lines of the Brooklyn model, the intricately arranged grapevine designs of the Sonoma and there are a number of models which feature the word ‘Billiards’ in various colours to match the cloth, wallpaper or any other design element in your home.

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