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Classic & Antique

At Oakville Home and Leisure we understand that lighting your billiards game room is about more than just seeing the balls on the tale, it is about setting a mood for your room. There are few accessories you can buy, besides the table itself, which more dramatically change the atmosphere of your games room than well chosen lights.

Basic arrangement

The basic arrangement for these style of lights is three arranged side by side and positioned lengthwise over the table. They create a strong and shadow free light over the table so that you may see your shots and line them up as best as possible.

Where to hang

The general recommendation for hanging any billiard light is 32 to 42 inches above the playing surface. If you wish to be truly authentic and meet World Pool-Billiard Association rules, position the light 40 to 65 inches above the table.


The classic and antique designs available for you to choose from come in a wide variety of materials and finishes. There are weathered, mocha and oil rubbed bronze, matte black metal, cherry and mahogany wood finishes and even looks that imitate leather. There is a perfect material for your room, all you need to do is know your style and choose the one that matches your vision.


The shades available on these light fixtures is as diverse as the materials that the fixtures are made of. There are lovely stained glass, coloured glass and metallic shades of unfinished metal or painted many colours.

How to choose what shade you want depends on whether you want to focus light directly on the table with a hard metallic shade, or diffuse light all over the room with coloured or stained glass. This is entirely dependent on your design, the other lighting available in your room and how you want it all to look together.


The typical size range is 55 to 65 inches long and 22 to 30 inches tall. They are all a standard width of about 12 inches. This size perfectly fits the lighting needs of standard sized pool tables.

The wattage that is recommended on most models is 3 100W bulbs. This allows for sufficient light for any playing situation. Your lights are about creating style and drama, the right wattage of bulbs helps create that drama by giving you the best chance to see your shots and sink them.

Browse the product descriptions above or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for hep lighting up your games room.

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