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Billiard Lighting

One of the most distinctive features of any pool hall is the fantastic specialty lighting that hangs over every pool table. You could go so far as to say that a pool hall that doesn’t have these lights set up properly and dangling over their billiards table isn’t really a pool hall at all.


You can choose from a wide array of interesting, well crafted and beautiful lighting options. Each one will evoke its own particular feeling and will work best with a certain type of pool table.

Classic & Antique

These types are meant to stir up the feelings of the old pool halls of years past. They pair up perfectly with a traditional style pool table, but can also bring a touch of old world class to any room.

The styles available typically contain lots of bronze and matte finishes. This gives them that old and weathered look which you would expect in a well used and loved pool hall. If that is the feeling you want for your games room then these are your best choice.

Stained Glass

Stained glass lighting can vary widely in its design and intent. From the classic and modern lines of the ‘Brooklyn’, to the intricate human scenery of ‘The Bistro’ or the variously coloured Billiards line with the game in play below it displayed prominently and elegantly in classic imagery and font. With all of these options you’re sure to find the right look for your room if stained glass is your choice.

Value Priced Lighting

Value priced doesn’t mean poor quality. These lights offer the same sort of design, materials and construction of the higher price point lighting options, but offer you a greater value. If one of the lighting options you find in another category feels a bit out of your price range there is a chance you will find something similar under the value priced category.


This line features lighting hung in an appealing 3 light side by side grouping. The styling concentrates mostly on flat black supporting structures with brightly coloured light shades. There are also models which feature the same 3 separate lights but use brass and black chrome to stand out a bit from the crowd.

4 Pack Lighting

This line is the same sort of idea as the Marseilles line but with the addition of a 4th light in the grouping. Ay 80 inches long, these lights will be sure to illuminate your pool table from one side to the other. You will always have an excellent view of what matters most - the game!

The designs vary highly from the simple one colour arrangements of the Matte Green and Black, to the bright and eye catching Polished brass and even a very intricate and detailed stained glass design that brings all kinds of classic charm to a games room.

Browse the product categories above or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today so we can help you find the right light for your pool table!

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