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Have you been practicing often on your new pool table and want to clearly display your hard earned skills for everyone to see? A pool scoreboard can be the classy addition that sets off your games room by making it feel even more authentic. It also let’s you show off your high scores in a more elegant way than shouting them aloud.

You can choose from 3 styles of scoreboards with different options that make them useful in a number of ways:

Billiards Parlour

This classic scoreboard depicts two players enjoying a game of pool above the actual score keeping area. The elegant wood carving should fit in well with all the wood details on your table and the 8 pool balls featured further emphasis that this is a room for pool.

The size is:

Height: 24 inches
Length: 16 inches
Depth: 1 inch
Weight: 9 pounds

It is not so large and heavy that it will be difficult to hang while being a great size for everyone in your gaming room to see it.

Billiards and dart scoreboard

Do you like having more than one game around to keep guests entertained while the pool table is in use? This 3 dimensional, wood bordered chalk scoreboard will keep the score for your billiards and darts game so you can focus on playing. The wooden art features hand carved balls and darts that clearly show what games you’re all here to play!

The size is:

Height: 37.5 inches
Length: 23.5 inches
Depth: 1 inch
Weight: 10 pounds, approx

Billiard Parlour ball holder

This is similar to the Billiard parlour model above, but is larger, has a solitary carved wooden figure lining up a shot and features a space to store an entire set of balls. You can have them there to add to the display, they can be the balls you use or you can keep them there as a backup set incase some of your main balls go missing.

This impressive scoreboard is sized:

Height: 38 inches
Length: 19 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Weight: 15 pounds

Browse the product descriptions above to learn more about what you can choose from, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for all your games room accessorizing needs.

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