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Billiard Balls

Other than the quality of the pool table and the slate it uses, the next biggest determining factor in how high quality your home pool playing experience is would be your billiard balls. Buying low quality balls makes for a poor playing experience as their bounce can be unpredictable. You can choose from our high quality replacement pool and snooker replacement balls, as well as our practice and additional balls.

Pool Balls

Pool balls are traditionally 2 1/4 inch for play in North America. This is because they are meant to be 1/3 the size of the traditional pocket width. We offer this size of ball to you along with the option of purchasing 2 1/16 inch. This slightly smaller size can be considered an advantage because a smaller ball has a greater chance of going into the pocket than a larger ball.

Snooker Balls

This exciting and challenging game is traditionally played with 2 1/16 inch balls. You can also choose from a 2 1/4 inch size. This is of benefit to those who are use to and prefer the traditional pool ball size.

Additional balls

Why put wear and tear on your best set of balls when you’re practicing alone? Our practice balls include the Snooker Champion practice balls, the Q-Tru and the Jim Rempe pool training balls from Aramith. These high quality training balls come with instructions on how to use them to improve your game and learn new skills.

The Pro Cup cue ball is the ball you want to strike for the most accurate shots. With this ball you’ll know that you need more practice if you can’t make the shot. It certainly won’t be the equipments fault!

For those looking for a new challenge with a splash of style, the Leopard 9 ball from Aramith meets those standards. 9 ball is a popular form of pool that you can try out with your friends and family. Who knows, you just may end up with a new sport to show off to your those you meet. The unique leopard pattern on this ball also set it apart from an 8 ball game.

Please browse the product categories above to find the right billiard balls for your table, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help finding the perfect balls for your game room!

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