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6 Person Hot Tubs

Relax With a Little More Space

A 6 person hot tub is great if:

  • You like a little personal space when relaxing in the water with your family.
  • You have a larger than average family but don’t want to take turns in the hot tub.
  • You like to move between different jet configurations during your soak session.
  • You like to stretch out and submerge as much of your body as possible in the water.

A 6 person hot tub from Beachcomber, designed and manufactured in Canada, will make your outdoor space more inviting through the whole year.

Customize Your Experience

All 6 person hot tubs built by Beachcomber allow a handful of upgrades to the already robust standard features.

Standard features include:

  • High performance water cleaning systems.
  • A double pump system for more powerful jet massage.
  • Underwater lighting fixtures.
  • Digital programming controls.
  • High density insulation for better thermal performance.

Upgrade your standard features to include:

  • A turbo fan to increase bubbles and ambiance.
  • Colour changing LED lights.
  • An ozone system for greater water sanitization.
  • An ultra quiet pump.
  • Higher horsepower motors.

Your model may have even more available upgrades. Talk to a member of our team about how far we can upgrade your 6 person hot tub.

With proper care, your Canadian-made Beachcomber hot tub will stand up to heavy use and aggressive weather for as many as 15 years. That’s a great investment, considering the incredible health and social benefits it will bring to your family.

Get in touch with us for a quote today and say goodbye to the stress that keeps you up at night.

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